Covers & Kits

Upgrade your Barney Bed with our selection of covers: the Bouclé cover adds a luxurious touch, the Golden Teddy cover is a vintage dream. Spare Covers are perfect for interchanging during washes and extending the life of the bed, and the Waterproofing Kit protects the memory foam in case of accidents.

Bouclé Cover

The Barney Bouclé Cover adds the ultimate luxury to your dog’s Barney Bed without compromising on comfort and orthopedic support.

Golden Teddy Cover

Combining retro colour and texture, our Golden Teddy is the perfect 70s vintage dream.

Spare Cover

Additional covers are perfect for interchanging during washes or also in jet black to change up the look and feel of your Barney Bed.

Waterproofing Kit

Protect your Barney Bed so that it can last for years to come by adding a Waterproof Lining Kit.